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Act Project Concordia. CC BY-NC 2.0

They’re tethered to wireless networks, and we are tethered to them. We spend so much time with smartphones, yet most of us devote little of it contemplating our small computers. We often treat these valuable devices more like everyday household items, as opposed to curated archives of our lives.

If there’s one item in your possession housing the most information about you, it’s probably your phone. Keeping your information safe depends on learning a little more about how to choose your small computer, and how to care for it long term.

One-time upgrades

Shopping for phones
When shopping for a mobile device, we’re often thinking about how long the phone will last. We want a strong battery, fast hardware, and lots of storage to house our apps, photos, and other data. But there’s another thing we should consider when choosing a phone: How long will the phone receive security updates? …


Martin Shelton

Writing about security for journalists, as well as beginners. Principal researcher at @freedomofpress.

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